Nina Boucicault (1867-1950)

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Nina Boucicault (1867-1950)

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Some known facts:
Born 27th February 1867 - London (England).
Died 2nd August 1950 - London (England).
Married 1) E.H. Kelly, 2) Donald Innes Smith.
Daughter of actor Dion Boucicault snr. and actress Agnes Robertson.
Sister of actress Eva and actors Aubrey and Dion Boucicault Jr.
First ever Peter Pan.

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"The Man from the Sea"
By William J. Locke.
Produced at the Queen's Theatre on 20th September, 1910.

Miss Nina Boucicault, Messrs. Robert Loraine, Arthur Lewis, Dawson Milward, A. Vane-Tempest, Gerald Merrielees, Jules Shaw, E. Y. Rae, F. Worlock, Misses Beryl Faber, Gwladys Gaynor, Molly Preston, and Olivia Eltone.

As our readers have come to look upon THE PLAYGOER AND SOCIETY ILLUSTRATED as a record of the London stage, "The Man from the Sea" must be found a place. The play did not meet with the success it deserved. It was a bright and breezy little piece, and I think that if Mr. Robert Loraine had done justice to himself it might have turned the corner. I've seen Mr. Loraine in worse parts to more advantage. He's a fine actor-when he likes.

The author told his story in human language, where a lesser writer would have preached a sermon. The struggle of the upper-class woman of the world between her inclinations and her conscience is not an easy thing to set before a London audience. Here is a Christian woman, Marion Lee, who discovers that her friend and fellow worker in the Cathedral town, Daphne Averill, is not actually married to a rising young doctor. The "man from the sea" arrives, but his attempt to smooth things over fails. She must acquaint the Dean! But she loves the man from the sea and on his threatening to leave her unless she keeps silence she feels as her friend would feel and relents. The story comes out, however, but a convenient wire announcing Daphne's real husband's death clears the air for a happy ending. The work of Miss Nina Boucicault, Mr. A. Vane-Tempest and Miss Beryl Faber was particularly good.

Playgoer and Society Illustrated, Vol III No 14, November 1910.

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