Camille Clifford (1885 - 1971)

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Camille Clifford (1885 - 1971)

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Some known facts:
Born 29th June, 1885 - Antwerp, Belgium.
Died 28th June, 1971.
Real Name Camilla Antoinette Clifford
Daughter of Reynold Clifford and Matilda Ottersen.
1) Hon. Lyndhurst Henry Bruce
2) Capt. J.M.J. Evans MC
Raised in Denmark and the USA.

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Played in: The Belle of Mayfair,

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Produced at the Vaudeville Theatre - December 17th, 1907.


"You seem to me like a little Cinderella," says one of the characters to Angela, the heroine of "The Catch of the Season"; and it is precisely in the truth of that fact that the Secret of the great success of the Vaudeville piece lies. The charm of Cinderella is perennial, and it is because so much of it has been distilled in the making of Angela that a second Christmas finds children of all ages still packing this popular little, theatre.

Cinderella, neglected in Mayfair, is an immense improvement on the Aschenbrodel of the legend. From the modern children's point of view it gives her an actuality, a kinship with themselves which is lacking in the heroine of the old German fairy tale. And, as with the heroine so with her associates. The Prince, in the person of the conventional "principal boy," would not intrigue the most sentimental girl in the audie nce. But which of them could resist t h e fascinations of the Duke of St. Jermyns? The dashing Mr. Stanley Brett, now nervous, now audacious, chaffing one moment, carrying all before him the next with his ardour, is just such a partner as they would wish for at their first dance. The step-mother and her two daughters lack conviction when their antics reveal the licensed male comedians.

For the rest, if the children cannot square Miss. Camille Clifford's Gibson girl with any analogous figure in Cinderella, they can feel grateful for the effect that her "Matinee Hat" song produces on the headgear in the audience. Miss Madge Crichton has made a palpable hit in this production.

The Daily Mail (London) - December 18th, 1907.

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