Phyllis Dare (1890-1975)

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Phyllis Dare (1890-1975)

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Some known facts:
Real Name Phyllis Haddie Dones.
Born 15th August 1890 - London (England).
Died 27th April 1975 - Brighton (England).
Younger sister of actress Zena Dare.
Was a child star appearing on stage by age 9.
Stage career continued until early 1950's.
Was engaged to dramatic author and composer Paul Rubens prior to his sudden death from lung disease and inherited much of his estate.

ss_ cy_   Star Signs: Leo (Fire) / Year of the Tiger

Played in: The Arcadians, Peggy

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By James W. Tate et al.
Produced at The Hippodrome, London.
Reviewed in The Daily Mail (London) - 22nd December, 1920.

A novel beauty was given to the good old Christmas pantomime at the London Hippodrome last night, when a humorous version of "Aladdin" delighted the vast house. Composed by Mr. James W. Tate and seven others, it will please the children by its fidelity.

Fairest of the fair is Miss Phyllis Dare, who not only looks sweet but sings sweetly as the Princess. The quintessence of charm, she warbles of dreams in a cloud of symbolic soap bubbles, and the gorgeous spectacle is dominated throughout by her irresistible spell.

As Aladdin Miss Elsie Prince makes a jolly "boy" and sings a saucy or sentimental song with point. For broad humour Miss Nellie Wallace puts the old time serio comic in the shade as a daring new edition of Widow Twankey. A colossal Emperor, Mr. Stanley Turnbull lost his moustache without losing his sense of fun. The mercurial Mr. Lupino Lane as the discarded suitor is a star familiar with traps and full of side-splitting tricks. But as often happens it was the little people who made the big hit. Never before was such a merry band of children.

G. M.