Lily Elsie (1886-1962)

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Lily Elsie (1886-1962)

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Some known facts:
Real Name Elsie Cotton.
Born 8th April 1886 - Leeds area, Yorkshire (England).
Died 16th December 1962 - St Andrew's Hospital, London (England).
Married Ian Bullough.
Was a child star known as "Little Elsie".
Niece of actor/manager Wilfred Cotton (husband of actress Ada Reeve).

ss_aries cy_dog   Star Signs: Aries (Fire) / Year of the Dog

Played in: A Chinese Honeymoon, The Count of Luxembourg, The Little Cherub, A Waltz Dream

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"The Dollar Princess"
By A. F. Grunbaum, adapted by Basil Hood.
Lyrics by Adriao Ross. Music by Leo Fall.
Produced at Daly's Theatre, 25th September, 1909.

Mr. Joseph Coyne, Miss Lily Elsie, Messrs. Robert Michaelis, W. H. Berry, Evelyn Beerbohm, Basil S. Foster, Willie Warde, F. J. Blackman, Garnet Wilson, Harold Deacon, Misses Emmy Wehlen, Gabrielle Ray, May Kinder, Gladys Cooper, Phyllis le Grand, May Hobson, Gertrude GIyn, Marion Lindsay, and Dolly Dombey.

"The Dollar Princess" is out for business. She is going to show the Merry Widow what can be done in the matter of long runs. And it looks as though the public is going to help her all it can. To the average playgoer there is something very attractive in watching the antics of the vulgar when surrounded by the refinement of art which he can neither understand nor appreciate. The satire is of such a nature that its keenness loses none of its edge on a second visit. One can see this very jolly little piece several times without feeling bored. Miss Lily Elsie, as Alice, shows even an improvement on her performance in "The Merry Widow." The inimitable Mr. Joseph Coyne has put a lot more into his part than was possible on the first night. We were inclined to feel disappointed on that occasion, but our opinion has changed. He is great! His American accent is a thing to listen to. It surrounds him with the atmosphere of life across the herring-pond. During Miss Elsie's absence London had the opportunity of seeing Miss Clara Evelyn in the part, and those who missed the opportunity must avoid doing so on a future occasion. The opera has been subjected to a good deal of polishing up, which is an advantage, and it has now settled down smoothly in anticipation of many months work to come.

Playgoer and Society Illustrated, Vol I No 2, November 1909.

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1919 - Comradeship [Betty Mortimore]

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