Other Stars

Collected on this page are my "ladies in waiting," which is to say some actresses of note (or notoriety) for whom I as yet have an insufficient number of images and/or insufficient information to be worthy of creating them a page of their own.

Maude Adams
Born: 11th Nov, 1872 - Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)
Died: 17th July, 1953 - Tannersville, New York (USA).
Real Name: Maude Kiskadden?

Madame Albani
Born: 1st Nov, 1847 - Chambly, Quebec (Canada)
Died: 3rd April, 1930 - London (UK)
Real Name: Marie Louise Emma CÚcile Lajeunesse
Opera singer
Maidie Andrews
Born: 1894 - London (UK)
Died: 13th Oct, 1986 - London, England (UK)
Child Star. Sister of actor Robert Andrews
Hilda Anthony
Born: 13th July, 1886 - Santiago (Chile).
Died: ?.
Real Name: Gilda Antonietti
Married: Owen Roughwood
Daughter of: Cavaliere Daniele Antonetti (Italian impresario)
Sister of: Romeo Antonietti (actor)
Gladys Archbutt
Born: 1889 - Middlesex, England (UK)
Died: 1968 - England (UK)
Child dancing star.
Daughter of Olive M. Archbutt
Winifred Barnes
Born: 18th Dec, 1894 - (UK)
Died: 5th April, 1935 - (UK)
Frances Belmont
Born: 1885 - New York (USA)
Died: 31st Mar, 1959
Real Name: Frances Emily Donnelly
Daughter of: James Caryll Donnelly
Married: Francis Denzil Edward Baring (5th Baron Ashburton)
Rosie Boote
Born: 1878 - Newcastle, Northumberland (UK)
Died: 1968
Real Name: Rose Boote
Married: Geoffrey Thomas Taylour (4th Marquess of Headfort)
Phyllis Broughton
Born: 1862 - London, England (UK)
Died: 1926
Sybil Carlise
Born: 10th Feb, 1871 - Cape Colony SA.
Died: ?
Eva Carrington
Born: circa 1876.
Died: 21st Nov, 1942
Real Name: Evelyn Victoria Chandler
Amy Castles
Born: 25th July, 1880 - Melbourne (AUS)
Died: 19th Nov, 1951 - Fitzroy, Victoria (AUS)
Real Name: Amy Eliza Castles
Dramatic soprano
Ivy Close
Born: 15th June, 1880 - Stockton-on-Tees, (UK)
Died: 4th Dec, 1968 - Goring, Oxfordshire (UK)
Cicely Courtneidge
Born: 1st April, 1893 - Sydney, NSW (Australia)
Died: 26th April, 1980 - London (UK)
Birth name: Esmerelda Cicely Courtneidge
Made DBE for her contributions to the theatre.
Madge Crichton
Born: 31st Oct, 1881 - Scarborough, England (UK)
Died: ?
Grace Cunard
Born: 8th April, 1893 - Columbus, Ohio (USA)
Died: 19th Jan, 1967 - Woodland Hills, California (USA)
Appeared in over 150 movies.
Fanny Dango
Born: 1878 - Birmingham, Englan (UK)
Died: 1972 - Real Name: Fanny Rudge
Maud Darling
Born: 1881 - Darlington, England (UK)
Died: 1927 -
Barbara Deane
Born: 20th Feb, 1886 - Pembroke Dock.
Died: ?
Lettice Fairfax
Born: 26th March 1876 - England, UK
Died: 25th December 1948
Geraldine Farrar
Born: 28th Feb, 1882 - Melrose, Massachusetts (USA)
Died: 11th Mar, 1967 - Ridgefield, Connecticut (USA)
Bessie Featherstone
Born: 1880 - Bristol, England (UK)
Died: 1st Jan, 1907 -
Fanny Fields
Born: 1884 - (USA).
Died: 1961
Elizabeth Firth
Born: 11th Apr, 1884 - Phillipsburg, New Jersey (USA).
Died: 1961
Margaret Hamilton
Born: 9th Dec, 1902 - Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
Died: 16th May, 1985 - Salisbury, Connecticut (USA)
Daughter of musician E.C.F. Hare
Winifred Hare
Born: 28th July, 1875 -
Died: ?
Daughter of musician E.C.F. Hare
Ethel Haydon
Born: 13th June 1878 - Melbourne (AUS).
Died: ?
Married music hall star George Robey.
Julia James
Born: 28th Dec, 1890 - London, England (UK)
Died: ?
Elsie Janis
Born: 16th Mar, 1889 - Delaware (USA)
Died: 26th Feb, 1956 -
Real Name: Elsie Bierbower
Gerda Krum
Born: 30th June 1878 - Copenhagen (Denmark)
Died: 16th April 1953.
Daughter of actress Johanne Krum-Hunderup and solo dancer Daniel Krum. In 1907, she survived a murder attempt by her husband, actor Ludvig Nathansen (from jealousy over her more successful career), who then committed suicide.
Nora Lancaster
Born: 20th Oct, 1882 - London, England (UK)
Died: ?
Daughter of: Ellen Lancaster Wallis (actress)
Letty Lind
Born: circa 1863
Died: 27th August 1923
Unity More
Born: 27th July 1894 - Galway (Ireland)
Died: February 1981 - London, England (UK).
Sari Petrass
Born: 5th Nov, 1890 - Budapest (Hungary)
Died: 9th Sep, 1930 - Antwerp (Belgium)
Ruby Ray
Born: 1st Jan, 1891 -
Died: 27th March, 1984 - Los Angeles, California (USA)
Thelma Raye
Born: 1890 - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Died: ?
Eleanor Robson
Born: 13th Dec, 1879 - Wigan, England (UK)
Died: 24th Oct, 1979 - New York (USA) Real Name: Eleanor Elise Robson
Blanche Stocker
Born: circa 1885 - Bombay (India)
Died: ?
Doris Stocker
Born: circa 1886 - Bombay (India)
Died: ?
Constance Talmadge
Born: 19th April 1897 - Brooklyn, New York (USA)
Died: 23rd November 1973 - Los Angeles, California (USA) [pneumonia]
Sister of Norma and Natalie Talmadge
Lulu Valli
Born: 1887 - London, England (UK)
Died: 1964 -
Real Name: Lulu Bertha Knust
Sister of: Valli Valli (actress), Ida Valli (actress).
Madge Vincent
Born: 1884 - Norfolk, England (UK)
Died: ?
Sister of Ruth Vincent
May Yohe
Born: 6th April 1869 - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (USA)
Died: 28 August 1938 - Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
Birth Name Mary Augusta Yohe
Married Francis Lord Hope, then owner of the fabulous Hope Diamond.