Married by Degrees

By A. P. Sinnett
Produced at Royal Court Theatre - September 16th, 1911
Principal Cast Members:

One of those weird little plays in which a psychological problem is interwoven with a series of very ordinary and practical circumstances. A young lady is possessed by two personalities. When one of them takes charge of her she forgets completely her existence when under the influence of the other. In her different states she is known as Lucy and Leonora. What Lucy does is unknown to Leonora and vice versa.

When she is one personality she becomes engaged, but when she changes she repulses the young man, to his utter astonishment. This is only one out of many instances where the confusion leads to humorous situations. A certain professor studies the case, and finally decides that she is susceptible to hypnotic influence. He hypnotises her, and she sees herself in her other personality. A cross-influence unexpectedly exerted over her by a wicked Count has the effect of combining the two personalities, with the result that she emerges one of the sweetest and highest-souled girls in the world!

There is plenty of fun in "Married by Degrees," and the problem is really not very difficult to follow. Anyhow, the large public the play draws to the Court appear to find it vastly entertaining. The principal parts are played by Miss Maud Hoffman, Mrs. Russ Whytal, Mr. Kenneth Douglas, Mr. J. D. Beveridge, and Mr. Rudge Harding. There is little to complain of anywhere.

The Playgoer and Society Illustrated, Volume 5, No. 25.