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I enjoy the good fortune of living in an area which is well blessed for good quality theatre. In less than a twenty minute journey from my home I can reach the Bradford Alhambra Theatre, Leeds Grand Theatre, and the West Yorkshire Playhouse (with two auditoria, based in Leeds City Centre). Extend that journey to forty minutes and I can also take in the Halifax Victoria Theatre, Huddersfield Lawrence Batley Theatre and the Wakefield Royal Opera House. Consequently, I visit one or other of these theatres fairly regularly and I thought it would be good to share my impressions from these outings with visitors to this website.

The scores given below are intended to reflect my own overall level of satisfaction with, and/or enjoyment of, the show concerned (based of course upon my own personal tastes). They are not intended to be necessarily indicative of the technical and/or artistic merits of the particular production concerned. I am not a professional critic or reviewer, and pay full price to see all of these shows for my own entertainment. Consequently, I have no vested interest nor any axe to grind, but neither do I pay to see shows which prima facie do not have a good reputation or do not appeal to me. These then are my own honest opinions - only those shows given a single star rating do I consider a significant dissappointment, and zero stars not worth seeing.

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27th February, 2014
Alhambra Theatre, Bradford

New Adventures


Ten years on Bourne's vivid retelling of Tim Burton's fantasy is as vibrant and inspiring as ever.

13th February, 2014
Carriageworks, Leeds

Leeds Youth Opera


A tense, gruesome, musical delight. Another great production from the young performers of LYO.

6th February, 2014
Alhambra Theatre, Bradford

Watermill Theatre


Whip-crack-away! A lively but flawed version of the classic musical comedy.






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